Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World lightest cash register

Nowadays, technology is getting more and more advanced. In restaurant, a small device presented below will make the work easy for the customer to take order and make money payment.
This device is thin and portable. It is just as big as an iPad. Normally, we need to write our order into a paper and then the waiter will only key the order into the computer. However, with this device, the food that the customer ordered will be directly key into the device without a waste of a single paper.

With this device, cashier is able to make bill on the spot without going to the big old cash register computer and print out a receipt and show it to customer. This device is more eco-friendly as it reduces the paper needed to take order and for receipt to show the bill.
Its design is hand-friendly which fit the hand perfectly so that it wont slip off from the hand.

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