Friday, January 21, 2011

Vital monitoring System

Nowadays, the demand on medical staff is getting higher and higher due to the big population of patient. Hence, sometimes, patients need to wait for a long queue to get their turn. However, Dan Bishop come up with an idea of a device to simplify the work of medical staff.

The device shown above looks like a watch and wear like a watch. However, the screen of this device show the health condition such as heart beat and blood pressure of the owner instead of time.
The medical staff is able to get information about the patient's heart beat or blood pressure by looking to the device. Hence, it simplify the work of medical staff. If the patient suffer from a vital sign, this device will send signal to the provider and medical attention will be send to that owner immediately. If someone passed out suddenly and no ones saw it, this device perhaps able to save their life.


k3vinGinta said...

wear it all the time one (even at home) or only put it on when waiting for turn to consult the doctor? hahaha :P

Shawn Tan said...

all the time also can, exercising also can. nice huh?!...haha

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