Thursday, January 20, 2011

Futuristic Noah's Ark

As you seen in the movie 2012, the earth possibly will be facing a huge disaster that will wipe out all the population on earth. The huge disaster includes flood, extreme temperature change on earth and etc.

Recently Remistudio invent a new Ark project. The picture below shows the project of Remistudio. This design is the solution for the extreme envioromental conditions and protection of natural environment from natural disaster and human activities.

This Ark project collect sunlight and rainwater to provide power and water supply tothe inhabitants. The plant in the Ark will provide oxygen and food to the inhabitant.
This Ark is able to float during flood. There are hotels in the Ark, which able to accommodate a large population during disaster.

This Ark is able to operate itself. It almost same like a spaceship. The only diffrence between this project and spaceship is, it only able to operate on earth. The Ark oso store heat for warming during extreme winter.

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k3vinGinta said...

i won't wanna live in it yerr! 'coz living in this place means the world is going to end! no what-so-ever end of the world, i don't wanna hear this no more! :( it looks fantastic and splendid though. lol

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