Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Check: Checking device for food allergy people

Some of the human are allergy to specific food due to genetic variation. However, most of the time the food are mixed and hard to be spotted in some dishes. This will lead to food allergy to those human.
Park Jung Eun had come across with an device called a-check. This is device is able to detect the presence of the food in a dishes. This device looks like a pen.

There are few kits that able to insert into a-check device to detect different food. For example, peanut allergy, egg allergy, or milk allergy.
The picture below shows how to use the a-check device to check to food in the dishes.
With this device, human will be more aware of what they eat and reduce the possibility of getting food allergy. This device will definitely reduce the food allergy case in future.


k3vinGinta said...

i'm glad that i am not allergic to any kind of foods or food substances.. hehehe :P it's just troublesome and pitiful being not able to experience delicious foods when they contain allergies to you.

Unsal_SENGUN said...

where do I can buy this device?

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