Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Segway : Motorcycle of the Future

The technology for current decades is getting smaller and smaller in size. The motorcycle are not excluded either. Now, There is a new type of motorcycle which able to extend and transform like a transformer in the movie. The picture below shows how the Segway looks like. It has two wheels on sides while a smaller wheels hiding inside the Segway. Basically, there are two form of that Segway can be transformed. One with two wheels only and the other with one wheels on the front while two wheels at behind just like a normal motorcycle.
The video below shows how a Segway is transformed in two formation. With this kind of motorcycle, motorist is able to drive through a narrow place and more safety as it has two wheels at the behind of the motocycle.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oil Slick Combating System

Oil spill accident often occurs on the sea. This accident had harm the sea environment massively as the oil spill doesn't overcome perfectly. The oil spill will decrease the oxygen level in the sea and hence kill the fish due to low oxygen level. Besides, if bird's fur are contaminated with oil, then it will unable to fly anymore but only wait it's doom day to arrive.
Designer Boris Innecken had come up with a idea to clean up the oil spill on the sea, which is the Oil slick combating System. The picture shown below are the system unloaded from a military aircraft.
These are the structure of the system.

This system able to expand and cover around 2000 square meter area and absorb the oil withing its circumstances. The system also incorporated with GPS and radar reflector for them to be easily located by the base and ultrasound wave to keep the seabird away from the oil spill area.

The video below shows how a system clean up the oil slick on the sea effectively when an oil spill accident happened.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vital monitoring System

Nowadays, the demand on medical staff is getting higher and higher due to the big population of patient. Hence, sometimes, patients need to wait for a long queue to get their turn. However, Dan Bishop come up with an idea of a device to simplify the work of medical staff.

The device shown above looks like a watch and wear like a watch. However, the screen of this device show the health condition such as heart beat and blood pressure of the owner instead of time.
The medical staff is able to get information about the patient's heart beat or blood pressure by looking to the device. Hence, it simplify the work of medical staff. If the patient suffer from a vital sign, this device will send signal to the provider and medical attention will be send to that owner immediately. If someone passed out suddenly and no ones saw it, this device perhaps able to save their life.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Futuristic Noah's Ark

As you seen in the movie 2012, the earth possibly will be facing a huge disaster that will wipe out all the population on earth. The huge disaster includes flood, extreme temperature change on earth and etc.

Recently Remistudio invent a new Ark project. The picture below shows the project of Remistudio. This design is the solution for the extreme envioromental conditions and protection of natural environment from natural disaster and human activities.

This Ark project collect sunlight and rainwater to provide power and water supply tothe inhabitants. The plant in the Ark will provide oxygen and food to the inhabitant.
This Ark is able to float during flood. There are hotels in the Ark, which able to accommodate a large population during disaster.

This Ark is able to operate itself. It almost same like a spaceship. The only diffrence between this project and spaceship is, it only able to operate on earth. The Ark oso store heat for warming during extreme winter.

Haven : Quick deployment shelter system

As years goes by, natural disaster frequency increases. The victims became homeless in just one day. The temporary shelter need few weeks to build and before that shelter was built, the only place they able to live is some slight damage building or the big flat football field with no shelter.
Haven is a quick deployment shelter which can be flattened or stacked for transportation and can be built into tent in a short time. It is light weight and provide more protection compared to the normal tent.
The internal of the Haven provides a comfortable room. There are a flip-open platform that able to accommodate another occupant or to store their belonging. With the simple categorization, the injured people and infant can be easily identified and provide medical attention.
The picture belows shows how a Haven was built.

Airport boarding pass compass guide

People often got lost in a big airport and unable to reach the arrival gate on time. Hence they will miss their flight and complain it to the customer service and blame the airport for not putting appropriate signboard. However, with this boarding pass, customer will be guided to the correct arrival gate and board to the correct flight.

This boarding pass was designed by Kang Eun-Kyung and Park Ji-Eun. This compass is powered by a thin film battery. It needs only a little energy to function and is illustrated on the e paper on the boardin pass.The guiding system of the compass using the Radio frequency identification technology. All they need is to follow the arrow on the boarding pass and they will reach the gate eventually.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Check: Checking device for food allergy people

Some of the human are allergy to specific food due to genetic variation. However, most of the time the food are mixed and hard to be spotted in some dishes. This will lead to food allergy to those human.
Park Jung Eun had come across with an device called a-check. This is device is able to detect the presence of the food in a dishes. This device looks like a pen.

There are few kits that able to insert into a-check device to detect different food. For example, peanut allergy, egg allergy, or milk allergy.
The picture below shows how to use the a-check device to check to food in the dishes.
With this device, human will be more aware of what they eat and reduce the possibility of getting food allergy. This device will definitely reduce the food allergy case in future.

The water vapor Machine

As we know that, Africa is a hot country. Plant hard to grow in hot environment with sacred water supply. However, recently a water vapor machine was designed by Sangwook Park, Sinjeong Lee, Hoyoung Lee and Hyeongju Jo. This machine is able to produce water vapor from the combination of cold air and hot air. When there is sufficient water vapor, the agriculture is able to grow on the land and using water vapor as water supply.

This machine works by combining both hot air and cold air to produce water vapor. As there are water droplet in cold air, but the water vapor formation need a constant temperature. Hence, when hot air is mixed with cold air, water vapor will be formed and it is released out of the machine and moisturize the surrounding environment. This enable crops to grow on the land.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World lightest cash register

Nowadays, technology is getting more and more advanced. In restaurant, a small device presented below will make the work easy for the customer to take order and make money payment.
This device is thin and portable. It is just as big as an iPad. Normally, we need to write our order into a paper and then the waiter will only key the order into the computer. However, with this device, the food that the customer ordered will be directly key into the device without a waste of a single paper.

With this device, cashier is able to make bill on the spot without going to the big old cash register computer and print out a receipt and show it to customer. This device is more eco-friendly as it reduces the paper needed to take order and for receipt to show the bill.
Its design is hand-friendly which fit the hand perfectly so that it wont slip off from the hand.

"Looking Glass" Concept

What if there is a glass that have whole internet in it. And what you have to do is to look the surrounding with the glass and the information about the thing will be shown on the glass. This "looking glass was designed by Mac Funamizu. This glass's feature contain touch screen, built in camera, scanner and most importantly, wifi, which able the glass to get information on the internet and display it on the glass.

All you need to do is click on the object in the glass, and the information about the object will be shown on the glass.
If the glass have a scanner in it, it can be used to translate or explain the meaning of a word when it is used to read the newspaper.
We just need to highlight or point to the word, and the meaning of the word will be display on the screen immediately. This reduce the time taken for us to go and take a dictionary book and search for it.

This design won the reddot design award on year 2009

Monday, January 17, 2011

Soft Phone

Soft phone is a kind of hand phone that made up of soft material which is fabric. This material allows the phone to be extrude and fold at any circumstances. Besides, its function is performed through extrusion and folding of the soft phone. It is designed by Jian Qian. This phone can be charge through the bluetooth earphone that attached to the string of the phone. The interface of the phone are made of fabric while the screen of the phone are made of silica gel. This made the phone very light-weight and portable.

Different extrusion way give different function of the phone. For example, to hang up a phone call, we will just need to extrude it horizontally which the phone will look like an apple. If you want to refuse a phone call, all you need to do is to extrude it until it shaped like a banana without a click on the phone.

This soft phone had a camera attached on it too. For take a photo, we will just need to squeeze the phone in vertically which is different from answering phone call. An extrusion of the phone vertically with a little extend will focus the photo while an extrusion to larger extend will pull the trigger of the camera which is the shutter button in normal camera. When the soft phone is released and back to normal shape, the photo is successfully taken.
The screen of the soft phone is able to extend to bigger screen too. There are two form of the phone which are normal size form and special usage form. In special usage form, it will look like an ipad which have all the key on the screen.

The size of the soft phone make it highly portable and even can be store in wallet.