Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oil Slick Combating System

Oil spill accident often occurs on the sea. This accident had harm the sea environment massively as the oil spill doesn't overcome perfectly. The oil spill will decrease the oxygen level in the sea and hence kill the fish due to low oxygen level. Besides, if bird's fur are contaminated with oil, then it will unable to fly anymore but only wait it's doom day to arrive.
Designer Boris Innecken had come up with a idea to clean up the oil spill on the sea, which is the Oil slick combating System. The picture shown below are the system unloaded from a military aircraft.
These are the structure of the system.

This system able to expand and cover around 2000 square meter area and absorb the oil withing its circumstances. The system also incorporated with GPS and radar reflector for them to be easily located by the base and ultrasound wave to keep the seabird away from the oil spill area.

The video below shows how a system clean up the oil slick on the sea effectively when an oil spill accident happened.

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